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Arete Club Deal with Torq.

Dear all,

I have negotiated a Club deal with Torq for the athletes. I chose this brand after research into the product and wouldn't give my child another supplement.

The club deal means we get a trade discount on supplies from them, I pass this directly onto you and I receive no commissions or incentives.

I am about to place another order.

If anyone wants anything then please let me know. The order will go in after training on Tuesday and I will bring on Thursday.

Hydration Drink for the younger athletes and for when training less than 60 mins.

Energy Drink (the energy comes from carbs, not caffeine etc) which is also a hydration drink for those exercising for more than 60 mins.

Recovery Drinks for those that are training a lot and the older kids U15 above.

Whey Protein - For those that are top age group U15, and are training multisport.

Pricing is:

Please PM me if you would like anything.



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