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As coaches and athletes, can we overcomplicate sports science and the use of technology?

Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Kiesenhofer was so far ahead of her rivals at the Tokyo Olympics that her Dutch rival Annemiek Van Vleuten had forgotten that she was in second place and thought she had won the Olympic Gold Medal.

In an interview afterwards Kiesenhofer talked about her meticulous planning for the event.

Part of this was getting used to riding for over 4 hours in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and humidity in excess of 60%.

So what did she do to get used to riding in the heat? In an interview with Cycling Weekly she said 'I didn't have access to sophisticated facilities so what I did was quite primitive, I just got on the turbo in my winter kit and did the sessions in an overdressed state" -

Simple and obvious really!

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