COVID-19 Update in respect of running.

Ironically I think COVID has really helped us structure group training, and my sincere thanks must go to all those involved in the coaching sessions and you as parents for your support. 

Now tighter restrictions have come into force, I thought I would write a quick update for clarification. 

I have to balance the work and commitment and risk to the coaches involved in putting on sessions in this COVID era, the rules and risks in balancing the spread of COVID and also the wellbeing of the children and what they get from the session that we put on from both a physical and mental perspective. 

On balance, I will always try and offer sessions for the athletes, and only stop training as a very last resort. Nothing in the latest guidelines has changed my mind about this. 

As you will be aware Arete is both a run club and a triathlon club, and I am a certified coach with both British Athletics and also British Triathlon. 

I am also the designated COVID Officer for Arete. 

On a Tuesday and Thursday, the coaching is run focused, the rest of the week it is Triathlon focused. 

Therefore on a Tuesday and Thursday, we will follow the COVID guidelines as per England Athletics, for other training, we will follow guidelines as laid down by British Triathlon. 

Our Tuesday and Thursday, we run in what is known as a 'COVID secure environment' as per the British Athletics Governing guidelines for coaches. 

This means that we can coach in groups of 1 coach to 12 athletes provided that: 

  • COVID-19 coordinator is in place. - Complete - Me. 

  • A venue/ environment must develop a COVID action plan and risk assessment. Complete - I have completed this. 

  • A COVID secure environment can be any environment. It could be a track, indoor sports hall, open space, such as a park, fell, trail or road. Complete - We comply because we are in an open space. 

  • An action plan is a document that outlines the process you are following to make your venue and activity COVID secure, and would detail information such as the owner (COVID Coordinator), risk assessments, tracking protocol and communication plans with all members and participates. Completed. 

  • All activity must comply with Government guidance around social distancing before, during and after activity. The onus is on you as parents as well here. Please follow guidelines, do not group, only stay in the designated meeting place, keep distance etc. Please don't bunch in groups, as with 12 kids, 12 parents and one coach it looks like we are bunching and would be in breach. Could you, therefore, please send the kids to the designated training area and as parents please not bunch near this. 

  • All clubs and coaches and event providers must capture pre-activity health questionnaires, including participant contact details which can be shared upon request with the government’s Track and Trace initiative.

  • This could be through existing club membership forms, the RunTogether platform, updates to booking forms or sign in processes which we would advise all members complete on a regular basis anyway. 

  • We have created a form for you to fill in - Most of you have done this, if you have not they are attached here. Please complete and send back or you won't be able to train!

  • As part of the club COVID action plan you should ensure any member or participant who has attended a session and subsequently tested positive for COVID completes the UKA COVID-19 tracking form. 

SAC Covid Agreement
Download DOCX • 341KB

BT COVID-19 Return to Play Health Screen
Download • 1.41MB

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