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Press Release from Triathlon England South Central.

Latest update from Pathway Team.

Dear All

We hope this finds you all well. In line with our commitment to open communication we wanted to update around returning to racing at a British Pathway level e.g. Super Series.

No decision has been made for any return to racing as yet. That said, if we are able to race again this year, our key principle will be that of ensuring a level playing field for all. To achieve this we believe that we should give a minimum of six weeks for athletes to be able to properly prepare for racing from the lifting of restrictions. This specifically relates to unrestricted access to swimming. Ideally we would also hope to have some type of race practice day (Intelligent Race Day or IRD) four weeks post lifting of restrictions to give athletes the chance to run through and practice race scenarios.

Given all of this and the obvious need to retain healthy immune systems athletes should not be concerned about getting into or staying in race shape through the lockdown period and instead focus on enjoying their training responsibly and within government restrictions.

Water temperature means that any open water triathlons/aquathlons are unlikely to be held after the end of September although we would still look, if possible, to extend some form of racing e.g. a Performance Assessment format (pool swim + bike and run) and/or duathlon into October if restrictions and logistics allow.

Best wishes

The Pathway Team

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