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Tonight Session - Its Sprinting Downhills!

First please note the COVID questionnaire at the start fo the session plan. Please make sure you have read this before the session. :-)


Tonight as part of the set we are going to do some downhill running at pace.

This is a great exercise for strengthening the quadriceps. (Get them to point to their quadriceps).

Whilst doing this exercise you will get they will get intense eccentric muscle contractions.

An eccentric contraction happens when a muscle contracts and stretches at the same time.

In this exercise, your front thigh contracts to brake and supports you, at the same time stretches to allow the knee to bend.

They will probably feel this in the morning with the onset of DOMS. So I will also post something about this.

Any questions then please PM me.

Arete Coaching Run Session 23rd July 202
Download • 5.89MB

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