Training Plan Thursday 10th September @ SAC.

Look forward to seeing you all tonight.

Groups and meeting pints attached. Given the New COVID guides, could you make sure we don't bunch with other groups at the start fo the session?

The session is a distance run with the pace sat at jut below tempo. You should not struggle with the pace, but it is the time on your legs that might fatigue some of the longer runs in this set.

The purpose of this set is to:

  • Develop and strengthen slow-twitch muscle fibres ​

  • Increase the number and size of mitochondria within each slow-twitch fibre

  • ​Increasing the number of capillaries surrounding each slow-twitch fibre (capillaries are tiny blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to your muscle fibres) ​Increasing the amount of carbohydrate fuel (i.e., glycogen) stored within each slow-twitch fibre ​

  • Strengthening your heart, so that you can pump more blood with each heartbeat ​

  • Improve your ability to recruit slow-twitch fibre into action, thereby creating a more efficient stride and reducing the amount of energy you’ll expend.

See you all later!

Arete Coaching Run Session Thursday 10th
Download • 1.99MB

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