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Training Tuesday 14th July at Southampton Sports Centre.

Tonights set is 2 x 10 mins Tempo Run with a 3 min RJ in between.

Tempo runs should feel like you are working, but you should feel like you should be able to hold the pace for quite a few miles.

you should find the session comfortably hard.

The purpose of the Threshold run is to get the body used to be able to clear blood lactate.

During this session, you are teaching your body to deal with a slightly more demanding pace for a prolonged period of time.

There is a really good video here with Jack Daniels explaining Threshold Training runs. Well worth a watch its only 3 mins long.

Notices in relation to training.

  • Please keep up t0 date on all COVID related notices and follow rules and guidelines.

  • Please do not come to training if you are feeling unwell or have a temperature.

  • Please bring plenty of water to the session, But be aware toilets might not be open at the site.

  • You are covered for insurance purposes under your BT membership or EA Membership.

  • All SAC club memberships have been frozen until further COVID announcements by the club.

  • Therefore you are training under either my UK Athletics Coaching Licence or my British Triathlon Licence (depending on if you are a triathlete or a runner) as this is not an official SAC Session until the club returns to training.

  • As the session is outside of a club session you are by allowing your U18 athlete to attend the session it is deemed by consent that the athlete is there with the permission/agreement of the responsible parent or guardian of the athlete.

  • I am covered for insurance purposes under my EA and BT coaching licenses to deliver all the sessions.

Arete Coaching Run Session 14th July 202
Download • 7.52MB

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