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Update on training...

I hope that you had a good Christmas and an enjoyable break.

With different parts of the region in different tiers, schools looking like they are not returning at the start of January and floodlights not operational at the track I am not going to bring the group back together for group training until the w/c 18th January when we should have move clarity as to guidelines etc.

What does this mean for the different groups?


Realistically I don't think that there is going to be a major event for the junior athletes in the group until the track meets in the spring. On that basis the next major event for most of the runners will be the Hampshire Track Champs (800m or 1,500M) in May.

Anyone that wants to start training before then we return, please EMAIL ME ON JAMES.MANN@ME.COM me, and I will drop you a personalised training plan. I am very happy to do this, and those that are looking to run, certainly from secondary school upwards should be doing this.

Triathletes Youth Age Group:

A small group of you are looking at the performance weekend in 10 weeks time. I will PM you with separate training details.

Triathletes T3 and Below

Again, as with the runners, I do not think that there will be any events until May, which is when the tri-season starts to get underway.

Again I will lay down a personalised training plan for anyone that wants one. If IRC's are your goal this year, then you should be thinking of this. Again please email me on JAMES.MANN@ME.COM.

Thanks for all your support in 2020 and let's hope in 2021 we can get racing again!

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