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We are back to full training!

Dear all,

I hope that you have all had a good break and are looking forward to coming back to some F2F training.

We shall resume our usual Tuesday and Thursday night session from tomorrow, Tuesday 8th September, meeting at 18:30 at the Sports Centre.

We shall also resume F2F weekend tri activity form this weekend as well. Details to be published.

On Tuesday/Thursday for the foreseeable future, we are not going to be on track as frequent and will be staying on the grass and using more of the sports centre.

At the moment the grass is quite firm and dry (the kiss of death) so normal trainers are ok.

However, I would look to also put in some XC type trainers, (trainers with a better off-road grip) to give you more stability and also a pair of tracksuit bottoms to train into for the car ride home in case you get sprayed with mud.

We still need to book on training.

Therefore can you please fill in the Doodle Poll below.

In it there are also options for tri training, so please tick what sessions are best for you. We will only do one, just seeing when everyone is available.

If you can coach, can you please fill it in for you as well.

The sooner, the better so we can plan.

Kind regards


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