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World class sports psychiatrists to deliver a seminar to Arete athletes...

From Chimps to Champs

What do Steve Gerrard, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Raheem Stirling and Bradley Wiggens all have in common?

They have all worked with Steve Peters and his team at Chimp Management. 

In all these athletes, the missing piece of the jigsaw, the bit they needed to conquer to move from that top 1% in their respective sport to world number one was the ability to control their mind.

When listening to Chris McCormack last week, he believed the most significant thing that separated world-class athletes was their ability to control their mind, in fact, he said it was 'the single most important factor in his entire career'.

This week I have been working with the team at Chimp Management who have very kindly agreed to run a seminar at Arete for our athletes and coaches. 

The 90 min interactive Zoom seminar is going to be lead by Chimp Management's former professional cyclist who represented Great Britain and England at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games - Tim Buckle. 

Tim spent four years as an athlete, competing at an international level and then transitioned into the Team GB coaching staff. Tim was also the Olympic Talent Development coach for British Cycling.

Tim has very kindly agreed to do this on his own time and is going to teach us about the Chimp Management model which has variously been described as a "genius" (Dave Brailsford) and "the reason I am riding today" (Vicky Pendleton). "Without Steve, I don't think I could have brought home the triple golds from Beijing," Hoy has said.

The interactive Zoom seminar will start at 17:30 Thursday 26th November.

Because of the nature of the event, I have limited places, so please only book on if you are sure you can make it...

Booking is here via Eventbrite.

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