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Your Threshold Session.

Training tomorrow is your local park run.

The purpose of the weekly park run is not to try and PB every week, but to try and get a threshold session in that improves your endurance.

This will be slower than your PB, but it’s more important than running your PB!

Attached in the link is a great 3 min video explains tempo runs (please watch it with the athletes) and also your pace that you should run your 5k at in order to complete your tempo run!

Enjoy your Saturday session and look forward to seeing you @ 0900 at Farley Mount for Sundays session. Parents can run and bring trainers as well if they wish!

Times for Saturday Parkrun baseed on PB’s.

PR PB followed by Tempo/Threshold pace followed By Tempo/Threshold goal time

28 mins 5:45pk 28:45 mins

27 mins 5:35pk 27:55 mins

26 mins 5:36pk 27:10 mins

25 mins 5:16pk 26:20 mins

24 mins 5:05pk 25:25 mins

23 mins 4:53pk 24:25 mins

22 mins 4:40pk 23:20 mins

21 mins 4:28pk 22:20 mins

20 mins 4:16pk 21:20 mins

19 mins 4:04pk 20:20 mins

18 mins 3:52pk 19:20 mins

17 mins 3:40pk 18:20 mins

16 mins 3:27pk 17:15 mins.

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