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Zoom Cycling with Tom and James Wednesday 20th May 17:15.

Tonight's session is all about Muscular Endurance.

Muscular endurance is the ability to overcome resistance.

In terms of physiology, the key to this ability is your muscular system, especially the primary mover muscles for each sport. If they are well developed (but not bulky), you will excel when resistance is high.

If your muscles are weak, though, it doesn’t matter how aerobically fit you are; you will always be slow.

Muscular force is closely associated with economy.

If you can easily overcome resistance, then you are economical.

By training this ability, you will come to see how such workouts boost your performance.

This workout is a great terrific builder of pedalling efficiency and power.

So for tonight's session whilst we are working in Zone 5 and maximum effort we want our cadence to be lower, so around 65 - 75 rpm.


5 Mins Zone 1

5 Mins Zone 2

8 x

1.5min Zone 5/ 2.5 min Zone 1

5 Mins Zone 1.

Zoom Meeting Details:

Meeting ID: 899 1517 5523

Password: 291415

Looking forward to seeing you there...

James and Tom.

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